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Who taught them? See what these children were doing on the street in broad daylight

Some kids are very amusing. I wonder where they learnt all their bad attitudes from at such tender age. You would see a little child smoking and the question is who taught that child how to smoke?

Today's kids are reincarnated because what a little child would do, it's hard for am adult go do. And what's surprising is that, they are not shy of doing such, they see it as a normal thing, that's why I said they are reincarnated. Adults in disguise I guess, it's just by the way.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here. Take a look at what some kids were doing on the streets in public in broad daylight;

They were happily dancing and that kind of dance were seemingly for the mature but they cared less. Elderly people came by and still they didn't care but continued doing that.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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