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Woman Fell Heavily On The Floor After Receiving 450 Ghana Cedis

A 46 years old woman, Juana is living a life of penury as things are not going well for her. She said she was selling on the streets of Makola and task forcers came for all the things she was selling because they were not supposed to be selling on the streets. Juana said she had gone for a loan of GHS 1000 and was GHS 55 a week for 24 weeks to repay her debt.

With the loan, she purchased provisions which she was selling and everything was gone. Her husband who was one's a successful businessman was sick and bedridden. Her husband later passed on at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. She and her three sons are now staying with her father who is now a pensioner and gives them some money from his pension payments.

Two of her children are in University and one is in Senior High School. She mentioned that one of his sons in the university has decided to stop schooling and get a job. Some he has left the house and comes back once a week to give them some little money he has gathered. The other who is still schooling also works as a labourer in Makola to get some money before he goes to school.

Maame Juana said she is now selling earrings which she gets about GHS 30 a day with which she is using to pay her debt and support the family as well. The founder of Crime Check Foundation celebrating his birthday donated GHS 450 to Juana and promised to support her.

Maame Juana fell heavily on the floor when she received the said amount because the amount of money she had left that day was GHS 1.60 pesewas. With she was going to buy gari and sugar which she would eat before going to sell. Again she added that she was not feeling well and was experiencing dizziness but she had to go and hawk due to the condition at home. She knelt and thanked the CEO of Crime Check Foundation.   

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