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Wicked world: Father kills his 2 year old baby for contracting syphilis

The country is in shock for recent events going on in the country regarding the high rate of deaths going on in the country. The cruelty going on in the country is on the rise and the police service should wake up to this calls. In the central region of Ghana a man said to be in his 30's is said to have committed this unforgivable murder of his 2 year old baby. The father is said not to have the virus and felt ashamed after his child was diagnosed of this, virus. The mother of the 2 year old is said to be in a very bad situation after hearing this news.

The wicked world we resident in seems to be making things difficult for us all, the good people of this country are already suffering from high rate of robbery and this time high rate of murder seems to be on the rise in the country. The two year old baby, was said to be suffering from syphilis after he contracted it. The police service seems to be on the rise in ending this nightmare for Ghanaian's. The people in central region claims this to be a surprise to them.

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