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Why Is Ritual Murder Cases Climbing Up The Ladder On Daily Basis. How Do We Control The Situation?

Gone are the days when the lives of others in society were valued as highly as our own and were protected at all costs. Everyone had the same love for their neighbor as they did for themselves. Furthermore, there was little cultural pressure to become wealthy quickly because individuals were pleased with whatever they had. Perhaps this is why, despite not having as much information as we do now, they lived to be so old before leaving the earth's surface.

We all know that things aren't as they should be in our current society, because many individuals are eager to make money by whatever means necessary. Although ritual murder is no longer a problem, the situation has deteriorated to a new low point. The number of murder cases appears to be at an all-time high this year. News outlets around the country are reporting new incidents every day.

It appears that no one is safe to move around freely anymore, as we could be killed at any time. According to my study, a large number of bolt or Uber drivers' lives were cut short this year as a result of ritual murder. The Uber driver who was assassinated in Feyiase after being recruited by his assailant is a good example. Aside from this sad event, many individuals are being murdered on a daily basis, which is not something the country should be proud of.

In my opinion, the reason ritual murder has reached an all-time high in this country is due to a lack of employment opportunities for the people. They say the devil assigns employment to the idle hand. The government must do everything possible to increase the number of factories and industries in order for the youth to be engaged and adequately compensated.

Television and radio stations in this country must also be sanitized to eradicate the advertisement of quick money and other dubious ways of getting money quicker.

There is no way to control this regrettable phenomena other than to provide jobs for the people. There are no prayers or fasts that can bring it to a halt.

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