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A Viral Picture Showing The Tema Motorway In1969 Shows That We Have Progressed As A Nation

Ghana is indeed one of the great nations that has developed very fast in terms of infrastructure. There is no doubt that other countries in Africa have developed faster than Ghana even though Ghana became a sovereign Country way before these countries attained their Independence.

There is picture that has been circulating on social media for sometime now but Ghanaians seem not to be bothered about it. Especially the impacts it can bring when we look carefully at the picture and compare it with Ghana's infrastructure or buildings at this moment in time.

This picture is a very old picture and it shows the Tema Motorway tollbooth in the 1969. Everything about the picture clearly shows that Ghanaians were truly living in an ancient time.

1969 Accra-Tema motorway

The tollbooth looked like a an olden summer hut but the current status of this same tollbooth shows the transformation, progress and improvement Ghana has made so far as a hard-working nation.

Y107.9 FM posted this 1969 picture of Tema Motorway tollbooth on their Facebook platform.

The pictures below are also the current situation on the Tema Motorway, whether the tollbooth or new developments such as the interchange going on on the road.

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