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Video: Alleged Gay Lands Into Trouble As People Call On The IGP For His Arrest

The LGBTQI+ is a practice that we all know has been accepted by certain countries but not in the case of Ghana and because of that, the fee people who are known to into it either do so in hiding for fear of being caught or fly into the countries that have fully accepted it.

Due to the hardworking nature of the present Ghanaian IGP, people begin to mention the name "Dampare" the moment they see their fellow citizens taking part in anything illegal.

In a video that is seen making Soo much trend online and receiving countless reactions, you would hear a young energetic man who is allegedly a gay being hooted at.

The man was seen with some braids on his head and walking in town, all of a sudden, a voice not far away from him began saying "LGBTQI, Dampare is coming" in the Ga language.

From the intonation of the speaker, you might see it to be a joke but this could go a long way to raise an alarm to the arrest of such individuals.

Please on the link below to watch the video

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