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Legon Students Caught Doing It In Broad Day Light At The Hostel As The Lady Screams Loudly For Help

The rate at which sexual immoralities are filling the tertiary institutions is becoming Soo rampant. Every passing day with it's own issues, either students are being caught in the act of sex or twerking or better still, their bathroom videos get leaked.

Not long ago, some legon students were recorded on video where the screams of the lady could be heard all through the hostel as she got banged by her boyfriend in bed.

A lot of people spoke Soo much concerning that particular video and hear we go now with yet another one.

This time round, it seems the lady thought her roommate was asleep and because of that let her boyfriend in and the immediately got into the act.

In the process, the roommate got up and begun recording what was going on as she could not bear the sounds that were produced.

The act however was seen to be taking place in a mosquito net that was set around the double bed.

Sometimes you would wonder whether the youth can still change with this attitude of theirs as while the days keep adding up, more issues of it's kind tend popping up.

Even as they get involved with each other, do they forget that they will be unconscious of the sounds they produce and need to get a better place so they don't disturb others.

To be in the Tertiary, one seems to have attained an age that they can take decisions on their own, but let us be mindful of certain things we do.

As we may have heard, the Tertiary institutions have something against these acts and that should be something that will put a bit of fear in students to prevent them from doing such things in the rooms that are not meant for them alone and might end up causing problems to people.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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