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Mother Of 9-Year-Old Boy Shot Dead At Durbar Grounds Finally Speaks

Mother of the 9-year old boy who was accidentally shot dead on Monday at a durbar grounds in Awutu Bereku during rituals finally speaks.

Hannah Aidoo, the grieving mother of the young deceased boy Michael Darkoh a.k.a kobby the fresh boy revealed that her son accidentally met his untimely death on his birthday.

This seems to be quite a 'huge blow' to the bereaved mother as she was never ready for such an unfortunate incident even as her son, most especially on his birthday.

The entire story concerning how the unfortunate incident all happened has not been changed upon yet but it is thought that the young boy went to the durbar grounds in order to experience the rituals to be performed .

We need to be very careful of gatherings we attend as now adays, it seems every gathering is scary and you need to be very cautious and extra vigilant at wherever you find yourself at any specific time.

Parents should be very mindful of places their wards go to as the uncertainties are getting out of hand, hence as a parent, if you will not be present at a function yourself, do not allow your child to go there alone or with other people.

Always make sure you know where your child is at any point in time.

An advice to the youth also is that, let us always comply with what our parents tell us to do. If we wish to how somewhere and our parents fail to approve of it, let us not do so in our own will as that may end up landing us into big troubles.

Let us always try to be respectful children.

Loosing a loved one is a very worrying situation one can find themselves in but loosing them on special days of their like anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. Fare thee well Michael. May your humble soul rest in peace.

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