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Road Accident

Covid-19 and Road Accidents, which one is a Pandemic in Ghana?

Ghana roads accident deads from 2021 January to March is 771 this year alone amidst the ongoing pandemic. The revelation forms parts of data collated by motor traffic and Transport Department ( MTTD) of the Ghana police service.

This means more people have died due to road Carnage in the period than the number of lives cumulatively claimed by the novel coronavirus since the country recorded it first two cases back in March 2020.

April 18 , 2021, the Ghana Health Service put the mortality rate of the virus 775. Latest figure from the police paint a rather unfortunate picture as road accidents within the first quarter surpass covid-19 casualties so far with another 4800 suffering various of injuries in the process.

This called for worry, the real pandemic is the Road accidents and not the covid-19 as the data showed. Let not rather limit our fight or focus on only the novel coronavirus but also the road crushes that has being killing more people than the virus. Road Accidents is the real pandemic in Ghana, so, let also allocate resources to tackle this before it is too late.

Enforcing our traffic obligations, and also dualize our major roads will go along way to reduce if not curb it.

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