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I am ugly but I really appreciate what God gave me guys, Says Suicidal Girl After Being Bullied

Cyber bullying hurts people, and in some cases cause mental breakdown.

While cyber bullying can happen in a public digital space, like on social media post, Many victims of cyber bullying will get angry about what is happening to them.

 A lady on Facebook has shared emotional status she said that I feel like I can kill myself she was troubled because people insult her and call her ugly they said that she look like ape she doesn't look like a human being.

 She said that even if she cries from now to tomorrow it won't change the way she looks and even if they insult her and call her ugly it won't change the way she looks.

 She begs people to stop bullying her and stop calling her ugly that it doesn't put money in their bank account and even if they continue to insult her it will change the way God created her. Furthermore, she cried and begged people to stop causing her depression that she's not the one that created her self.

 Moreover, she said that she's happy the way God created her. We are all human beings we should stop bullying people calling people ugly we are not the one that created them.

Photo credit: Facebook

 If you're lucky to be handsome or beautiful appreciate God you don't know what these people you call ugly go through please let stop bullying people or calling people ugly what do you have to say about this girl's status is she right is this girl hideous?

Post source : Facebook

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