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SAD: Beautiful Lady Commits Suicide After Her Family Members Wrongly Accused Her of Stealing

We also failed to recognize that suicide has never been and will never be a choice. No matter what you're going through in life, one thing you can never consider is suicide. Suicide does not solve the problem; instead, it exacerbates it. This was a huge mistake made by this lovely woman. The following is a photograph of a lovely lady who committed suicide after being falsely accused of stealing:

A young Nigerian woman committed suicide, according to reports on instablog, after her family members falsely accused her of stealing. Following her death, a WhatsApp message was leaked, revealing that it was this allegation that drove her to make such a risky decision. The following is a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation:

I believe she committed a grave error in taking her own life in response to a mere allegation. I pray that wherever she is, her soul will find peace. 

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