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Agenda 111 a reality, pageantry

Agenda 111 is all well and good, we welcome it and look forward to a major boost in our healthcare infrastructure.A few pointers though for major actors in these project to spare some thought about.

We are told the president of the Republic of Ghana cut a sod for the beginning of his agenda 111,but already the fun fare and buzz from party by praising singers have started blurring in our ears, as though it's already completed. For the life of me, anytime a politician in our part of our world says he would do something,I take it with a pinch of salt until I see it completed with my own eyes.

Cautious optimism should be our watchword even as we remain excited about the prospect of having humongous infrastructure.S.T.X housing scheme , is one of such project that readily comes to mind. Although sod was cut for the project with its accompanying pomp and pageantry by these same party praise singers. But that project went up in flames as it failed to see the light of day.

Agenda 111 is the catchphrase for the project, but already we are told lands have been acquired for only 88 of them. The lesson here is that we need to be sincere with Ghanaians and be modest in our expectations, if along the line we realize that genuinely we can't finish every, let's be candid with ourselves and efficiently tackle the ones we can. The budget estimate for the project also raises some eyebrows.

According to the information minister, each one is estimated to cost Gh¢ 17 million, but one wonders, if it's enough to, but build an exquisite state-of-the-art hospital. And this is where we call for candor because it would be better to spend some in putting up a state-of-the-art hospital than to thinly spread the resources to construct an apology of the hospital for citizens.

Finally, it's strongly advised that some of the resources are earmarked for rehabilitation of the existing hospitals which are in a deplorable state. Because it may not make economic sense, to abandon them and focus attention on putting up new ones.

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