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A Man Confidently Receives Gunshots Without Dying

Man standing confidently, ready to receive gunshots.

Strange things keep on happening in our world and they tends to beat our imagination. At times, we pause to wonder whether it is possible at all, for us to wake up a single day without hearing of something strange.

Man receiving the gunshots.

A man whose identity is undisclosed in a circulating footage is seen receiving gunshots and he did not die, whilst his colleagues chant him on and praise him.

In the video, the man, prior to the gunshot stands with his legs wildly opened whilst he confidently waits to receive the gunshot from another man who points a long-gun at him.

Man remains alive after receiving the gunshots.

After the shot, the man who receives the gunshot remains calm for some few seconds, and suddenly begins to shake his body whilst he remains standing without dying.

Indeed, it looks very strange and it begs the question; what at all can make it possible for a person to receive gunshots from live-bullets without dying?

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