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Cashew Buyer Got Robed in Tuobodom

Arm robbers attacked a cashew company at Tuobodom in the Bono-East Region. On 8th February, 2021 at Tuobodom, a cashew buyer, Sammy was robbed at his company immediately his wife brought money from a bank in Techiman. Four arm robbers, wearing white top and down black. They were holding a gun and even gave two warning shots at the place and everybody was afraid, all the workers run away because it was so dangerous. They collected two bags of money and an amount of Two Thousand Ghana Cedis.

     They also took one of the cars and run away with it and the money attached, Sammy the cashew buyer, also followed them with his car. That time the police were around with a taxi following the robbers. Because Sammy was in a harry he hits the taxi containing the police men because their guns were out so according to Sammy he taught it was the robbers not knowing it was the police. The car containing the police men got an accident and all of them got injured but nobody was dead among them.

      It didn’t end there, Sammy came out from his car and all the people were waiting for him to look for help to the hospital but not, he took his wife’s car again and continue to follow the armed robbers and he left the police there saying nothing because they should have shoot the tires of the robbers because there was a chance to. Sammy followed the robbers and finally got their car hit by him again, it was so serious and the town Tuobodom was busy AR that day around 4:30-5:00 pm. So after the second hit, the robbers stopped and run away with one bag of the money and till now no one knows their where about.

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Ghana Sammy Tuobodom Two Thousand


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