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Police Arrest Two Suspects For Alleged Robbery At East Legon Hills

Robbery is also the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force, threat of force, or by putting the victim in fear. According to common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear; that is, it is a larceny or theft accomplished by an assault. Precise definitions of the offence may vary between jurisdictions. Robbery is differentiated from other forms of theft (such as burglary, shoplifting, pickpocketing, or car theft) by its inherently violent nature (a violent crime); whereas many lesser forms of theft are punished as misdemeanors, robbery is always a felony in jurisdictions that distinguish between the two.

Two persons have been arrested by the Ghana Police over their involvement in an alleged robbery at East Legon Hills in Accra, Ghana. The Police in Accra at dawn on Sunday, December 5, 2021, arrested two men, Samuel Agyei and Sumaila Mahama, on suspicion of involvement in a robbery. They have been taken into police custody awaiting further arrangement for court. Since their arrest, nothing more has been heard from them. They may remain in police cells for some time.

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