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Sad News: Man Shot To Death By Armed Robbers (Video)

What is happening to our generation? Humans no longer feel compassion for their friends and family members anymore. The rate at which killing is going on in this generation leaves people in fear and panic since no one knows where he or she would be attacked by the wicked ones.

Arm robbery is one of the crime which most countries are battling to conquer. Recently, camera captured how robbers attack people in their car and took away from their money and other belongings.

According to a sad video on social media, some group of men was spotted holding a gun as they stop a man in front of his house. In the video, you could see how desperate these men's were as they were spotted seaching into people's car around.

These suspect arm robbers gave a warning to everyone in the area not to take a video of their robbery attacked. But God has been so good people living near where the incident happened took a secret video of what was going on.

In the video, one of the suspected robbers pulled the deceased out of his car and shot him to death as seen in the video. What could have made this robber shot a man in front of his house without thinking about been arrested by the police when caught in the act.

What are we going to do as a country to reduce the rate of killing and robbery in our society. The security agencies must try their possible best to develop a system to track any suspect robbery or killing in other to reduce and eliminate such act in our country.

Individuals must also help the security service to do their work by alerting them in case of any suspected killing or robbery. Check out some photos of the sad incident that happened that is causing sorrow online.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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