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Mentally Challenged Give Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy But No One Is Willing To Help Her.

People with mental health disorders have historically been left to fend for themselves by society. True, we cannot take on the task of caring for mentally ill individuals. The government must establish a center where all mentally challenged persons who are wandering throughout the country randomly can be gathered under one roof and receive the required support and health care. According to my observations, nearly every 100 meters walk has a 90% chance of encountering a mentally impaired person.

A picture of a young girl with psychological illnesses who gave birth in an uncomfortable situation, and it would be extremely Godly if authorities could identify her and take the innocent baby away from her son in terms of survival. Unfortunately, no location was provided, but I believe she might be found through social media.

Now, to the males out there who would chase anything in a skirt, how on earth would you sleep with someone who has nowhere to lay her head, no money to fend for herself, and no family, and then abandon her for 9 months? It's past time for all of us to modify our ways so that we can all move forward as a country in a constructive direction.

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