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Man finds little baby in a huge gutter at Ofankor. Checkout what happened after her mother was found

A certain gentleman known as "River", while strolling around Ofankor yesterday found a little baby girl in a gutter. He just couldn't believe his eyes and was trying to analyze the reason why the parents of the baby would decide to leave her in the gutter. That is a risky thing to do, considering the danger it imposed on the innocent kid.

As a good citizen, he managed to bring the baby girl out of the gutter and went ahead to call the Ghana Police Service. Unfortunately for him, all efforts to call the Ofankor and Pokuase police stations didn't work.

He claims the call went through but nobody picked up the phone. That is just not cool. You just imagine this incident happening during a robbery, I'm sure the robbers would have already left by the time the police will respond the call.

The guy had to wait for a while since there was no one showing up. About an hour of waiting, he claims he got to come across some people who lived in that vicinity and they had to say that wasn't the first time seeing such a thing.

The mother of that baby is an irresponsible mother who didn't care about the dangers, associated with leaving the baby to move around. The mother lived in a kiosk and had left her in the room and went out. One would expect her to be apologetic but she was rather rude to this good Samaritan.

I think the Department of social welfare should step in and go for the child before it is too late. The woman is a birth giver but not a mother because, no mother would leave her child to roam about like that. The location of this incident is Agya Herbal, between Ofankor Barrier and Pokuase, right by the Block Factory by the main road, according to the witness.

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