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Economic hardships have led to rampant murder and suicide in the country - Dr. Sadiq Adu-Twum

Executive Director of Iman Center for Democracy, Security and Counter-Terrorism, Dr. Sadiq Adutwum, has disclosed that the rampant murders going on in the country are due to three main reasons.

These include suicide due to the hard state of life, ritual murders to improve livelihiood and the poor justice delivery system in the country.

According to him, in today's society, people are respected if they are financially capable thus everyone especially the youth will do anything to acquire money.

"Again, our justice delivery system is becoming poor. Crime investivatii s and prosecutions in this countrt is equally poor", Dr. Adu-Twum added.

He further chastised Ghanaians and demanded that they stop attributing every murderbt spiritual affairs, witchcraft, or even mental health issues.

"We're also becoming a nation of too much spirituality that issues that need to be taken on face value in terms of critical security and evidence, then we attribute it to spirituality. When we do that, it also lessens the justice system and sometimes people aren't bold enough to report the crime to the appropriate authorities".

"We also say we need to check the suspects mental health, however, anyone who sits down to plan and murder a child like the Abesim case is a calculated attempt to commit these heinous crimes. You can't tell me it's a mental problem."

Dr. Sadiq Adu-Twum added that if not for the media, most of these crimes wouldn't have been heard of especially in the remote areas.

He opined that after the court releases its verdict in cases like this, it should be made public for all to hear and serve as a deterrent to others.

"If we don't take action now, there will be more murders so state agencies involved should be equipped to bring these crimes down."

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