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Sex with dog: Police intensify search for lady in viral video

Nigerian police have sent people to look for the woman featured in the viral video about sex with a dog.

Muyiva Adeobi, a public relations officer, said police were reluctant to publish the brutal video online, adding that it was a serious offence.

Adeobi also promised that the police would arrest the woman in the viral video.

Adeobi said so in a statement given to reporters in Lagos on Sunday evening.

She said: "I really want to take the necessary action against women who are involved in unnatural crimes (including atrocities) and publish them online. We want you to provide us with all the useful information on how to get these women involved. get it out, please. Thank you very much."

Adeobi specifically commented on the actions of the woman who set the internet on fire: "We will arrest her."

Earlier, in a popular video, a smart woman said she was paid a flat rate to sleep with the dog.

Some girls are rumored to pay anywhere from $1 million to $2 million to sleep with a dog.

Others say that sleeping with dogs is for ritual purposes.

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