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My own sister insulted for giving birth to a child who is sick: A lady shared her sad story

Comfort Tarmokwa who is 20 years old from Nkonya Tepo in Oti region, has given birth to a two old baby but child is suffering from a disorder called Cleft palate. It is an abnormal condition where the roof of the mouth are not completely joined. The baby is having a growth in her mouth and due to disease she does not look like a 2-year-old child.

She has not been able to walk and does not have teeth too. According to Comfort, whenever the baby eats the food comes out from her nose. She has to lay her down before she can eat because if she sits straight, all the food will come out. The baby doesn't consume food that contains pepper. Sometimes, the mother gets scared of loosing her daughter because of the financial problems she is facing.

The child's father has abandoned them due to the baby's illness. Her own sister has been insulting her for giving birth to a child who is sick. Comfort is a hairdresser but the money she earns in a day can not cater for both of them. She believes that a day will come and her daughter will start walking. The doctors told her that unless the baby gets some amount of weight before they can perform surgery for her and child's health insurance too has expired, so she can not send the child to the hospital for any medical treatment.

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Comfort Tarmokwa


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