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SAD NEWS: Farmer, Accused Of Murder Finally Freed After Spending Five Years In Jail

There was a case back in 2017 where this farmer was accused of murdering his girlfriend overnight. The farmer in question had a visit from his girlfriend which led to her spending the night with him in his room. Unfortunately for this farmer, morning came and the soul of his girlfriend had departed from her body, making her lifeless.

This issue was then taken up by the Ghana Police Service and ended up arresting the farmer to help with investigations. Unfortunately for this farmer, he ended up spending more years in prison not being vindicated. Thanks to Amnesty International, upon visiting these prisoners to help the innocent ones get fair treatment and obtain justice, heard the story of this farmer and decided to look into his matter.

Upon further interrogations with the police, it so happened that after three years of this farmer being in prison, they received a report that this farmer was innocent because the deceased girlfriend died of pneumonia which had nothing to do with him but this report was withheld up until amnesty international intervened.

This man's life has been wasted for nothing as a result of false accusations and there are a lot more people in prison with such stories. Not every prisoner is a criminal but all prisoner are treated as criminals. It is such a sad experience for this farmer but on a good note, he's now been freed to live life.

The question is, where is he going to start from? May God help him!

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