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Kasoa Needs Divine Intervention To Handle Upsurge In Crimes

Public safety is of great importance to everyone, it, therefore, comes as a great surprise and worry to Ghanaians when they hear of a significant increase in crime in a given area. Recently, there has been an influx of violent crimes and mishappenings in the town of Kosoa. Ghanaians are thus seeking that the right measures are being taken to reduce and eliminate such crimes and restore the town to its peaceful state.

One of the sad mishappenings in the town was the father who raped his very own daughter, a niece, and his stepdaughter. The story behind that was a 53-year old man who allegedly defiled her biological 13-year-old daughter. Kwabena Nkrumah is the name of the suspect. And the mother of the victim alleges that this counts as the third time he is perpetuating such an act.

The other sad story coming from Kasoa is the murder of a 10-year old boy by two teenagers (around the ages of 16) who allegedly carried out the hideous act for ritual purposes. This case also goes to prove that the environment that even the children are growing up in is so bad that it is corrupting them during their development stage, thus they are growing up being exposed to such violent crimes and also perpetuating them too.

Ghanaians are thus reacting to these crimes and the influx of many others as it is making life in the town problematic. In their reaction, many Ghanaians asked that "Why always Kasoa". They thus concluded that divine intervention is needed to help reduce the menace in the town.

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