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3 Serious Charges That Could Send Josephine and Her Mother to Jail.

You probably know the story already. Josephine Panyin Mensah was reported to be kidnapped in a heavily pregnant state at Effiakuma only to be found in a pool of blood at Axim. Little did she know that she would be examined by medical officers. After several examinations, she was reported not to be pregnant at all.

She later confessed that she wasn’t pregnant. She only did that to please the husband and the whole case backfired after it attracted the attention of the media and the security service. She also added that she planned everything with her mother. Well, indeed, her story is quite strange because it has, so far, generated fierce confrontations between the Ghana Police and Regional Minister and also the Regional Minister and some Ghanaians- whom some have cursed the Regional Minister already.

But what does the law say about all these dramas as far as the lady- Josephine Panyin and her mother is concerned. From the whole narration, it is quite clear that Josephine’s action caused “Fear and Panic” in the country. This is an offence punishable by law in Ghana under the Criminal Acts law. Again, she deceived the authorities- that’s Ghana Police and the entire nation. This is also an offence.

(Image of Regional Minister)

Josephine’s mother will also be charged with “aiding and abetting” in crime. She was part of the planning process and also after the incident, she still insisted that her daughter was pregnant. She was seen on TV blasting the Ghana Police for exposing the sham that her daughter was pregnant. She also deceived the authorities in that regard.

Having said all these, their lawyers can defend them to reduce their jail times. In Ghana, there is nothing like “Community Service.” It is alien to the constitution. Therefore, if someone offends, the person either pays fines or goes to jail. However, criminal charges don’t accept fines. The only place for them is the jail- and that is the sad truth.

What Josephine Panyin Mensah and her mother did was very disturbing and a waste of our precious time. They took the whole nation for granted all the time and even made some people rain curses on a government official as high as the Regional Minister. She also looked on as the husband was arrested for investigations. Although he was bailed the next day, he lost non-refundable productive hours.

The laws of Ghana will work and all those who are found accomplices will also face prosecution. 

(Josephine Panyin and her similar artificial silicone)

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