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An eight-year-old girl was kidnapped, see where she was found

A young girl called Mia who is 8-year-old has been found after she was kidnapped for five days from the French house of her grandmother. Her mother is allegedly being involved in her kidnapping.

She was found with her mother who is called Lola Montemaggi in a squat inside a factory which is abandoned at Swiss municipality of Saint-Croix, after the investigators searched massively, According to the the French prosecutors. Mia's mother who is 28 years old has been arrested along with five men who have been accused of helping her mother.

According to the prosecutors, those five people who were involved in the kidnapping has been charged for the abduction of a minor, and also four of them are still in their custody. Three of them were having a forged identification and went girl's grandmother's home and told her that they were child welfare officials. They convinced the Mia's maternal grandmother to give her to them at the village of Poulieres near France's border with Switzerland on Tuesday.

They didn't used any force during the kidnapping but according to the public prosecutor of Nancy, Francois Perain, said that they did it in a "millitary operation". They were well prepared for the operation and they even gave it a code name as "Operation Lima." The prosecutor said that, the kidnappers were having walkie-talkies, fake licences plate, camping gear and also a budget of 3,000 euros to cover their expenses. The police did not know them but they said they were described as part of the same "community ideas."

According to the prosecutor, these people are against the state and mobilised against what they call a health dictatorship. The prosecutor also said children unfairly being taken from their parents. After the abduction, the girl's mother and three of the men went to the French-Swiss border to take over the the girl. A man whose nicknamed is Romeo took the girl and her mother in a Porche and he drove to a Swiss hotel.

A woman who was also part of their plan came and spent the night with them before they moved to Santa-croix. These five people who kidnapped the girl and has been arrested were between the age of 23 and 60. Now the girl is safe and she is good condition too. The prosecutor said that a social worker and psychologist will take good care of her before they will give Mia to her grandmother.

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