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How Sugar Daddy Made Grasscutter To Have Its Way With Lady

I've never told anyone this. I'll share today to advise you ladies.

2nd year uni, I had a Nigerian lady friend. Now back in school, I was strategically friends with all "rich" people.

This girl was fine. Tall, amazing smile, all the assets and she was smart. She used to buy me things and all I knew was that her mum was a big woman in Nigeria. We'd been friends since 1st year and I would visit her in Brunei once in a while. I used to be her go to guy for anything she couldn't ask anyone for. Buy her booze, something to smoke, etc. She was always shady about her source of money, but I figured she doesn't want to talk about her rich family.

One night, I was sitting and jamming at Blak Shade when I saw her call. I didn't answer cos me I wanted to be alone. She kept calling nonstop for about 20 mins, so I called back.

When she picked, she was crying. All she said wai, Perry come and pick me at Ahodwo. Ahodwo where, she told me I should call her when I get into a taxi.

I was scared so I just ran to a get a cab and I called, she showed me her location and I went.

When I got there, she was sitting by some gutter, still crying. She was dressed kinda hot tho. When I got closer I could smell something weird on her. Anyways, I went to ask her what's up and she said I should just take her to her room.

I carried her into the taxi and we left. When we got to the hostel, she couldn't walk properly so I helped her. Got to her room and she sat on the floor, I helped to undress her and I saw bite marks all over her body. She was bleeding too from her private part...

She told me what had happened. She was dating a chief who is a police big man. He usually plays with himself while watching her "do stuff". She told me, it started with touching herself, then girl on girl, eventually once in a while she would do a dog. The man had never had s3x with her. Sometimes, he watches her do her things and later goes to sleep with his wife. Sometimes he invites friends to watch her. She said for a while now, he has been watching some weird porn movies with her and this night, the man asked her to let a grass cutter lick her. Honestly, I laughed a little. Akrante3 s3 s3n? Lol

See this is not a story. Hmmmm...

She had to do it, the man took her to the back off his house where he had a big cage (like a dog cage), he asked her to get naked and enter. There was a light bulb in it and he asked her to have s3x with the animals he made her hold one of the animals on her clit. That's when they started biting her. It was locked. She started begging. And he opened the cage and poured vodka on her while laughing. That's when she ran to the room, got her things and decided to call me.

Honestly, I've left lots out of the story, but I saw pictures and videos. This man was giving her about 5000gh a week. Bought her a car, laptop, phones, TV, and got his friends on campus to give her good grades. She was living the life ankasa. But it wasn't for nothing. Funny enough, that didn't stop her oo. After graduation, I heard she had a baby. Few months after that, I was told she was missing. She was never found. I don't know what happened to her son.

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