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Theft robbery

Anytime I deposit money, it gets missing, not knowing my daughter had been stealing from me.

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A young girl named Linda has been accused of theft and robbery against her own mother. According to evidences, Linda has been stealing her mom’s money for more than a year now as it began from January 2020 and has continued until her mom found out.

All this was possible because her mom is an illiterate and couldn’t identify the transactions that were been made, even though she knew everything time that the money on her mobile money account was always reducing.

Linda claims she was not feeling well on multiple occasions so she had to withdraw money for medical treatment and also to feed my self since she was advised to eat well for the medications to function well.

According to the account report from MTN, the statement of money deposit started from December, 2020 and the amount made was GHC 1450. Linda’s mother claimed that she has no idea of any how the money transactions were made. Upon all the problems Linda’s mom was facing, Linda didn’t find any love and mercy in the sight of her mom as she totally played out her mom.

She was taking care of Linda’s first child without Linda and her husband providing money for her. She seriously became I’ll and had to undergo a surgery which saw her loss one of her kidney’s.

Linda’s mom claimed she didn’t tell her daughter about her mobile money pincode. Linda first took GHC 1800 and used it for her rent in which she lives in with her husband who is also an ordained man of God and the theft did continue from then.

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