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11 Undoubted Facts About Ewes In Ghana

Ewes  dislike attention

The average ewe man hates attention. Many times,  ewes like to keep their cool. Fame and attention seeking is rear among the ewe people. most often, rich ewe folks refrain from flushing their wealth among their peers. This however, cannot be said for celebrities, whom obviously need all the fame and attention they seek. 

Ewes like to serve. 

Ewes in most cases are very hospitable. Men and women alike portray the trait of humility and servantship. This I consider as a disadvantage. This trait makes less privileged (poor) ewes very vulnerable in the society. Some rich ewes prefer to serve rather than to be served.

Ewes are very intelligent

They are highly educated, smart and intelligent. Most technocrats in Ghana are from this tribe. It is therefore not surprising that, most excelling students who partake in the annually organized National Science and Maths Quiz in Ghana are ewes. 

Ewes Inspire hard work.

They believe in the spirit of hard work. Employers in Ghana usually employ ewes into various positions due to their high level of productivity. It is also very sad and obvious that most tribalistic employers and subordinates prefer not to work with ewes, reasons left to them. However, lazy subordinates complain of strict supervision from ewes.

Discipline and respect.

High level of discipline among the ewes is a fact to admire. At least 7 out of 10 ewes in the society stand out in terms of discipline. Respect is a trait.

Are ewes self-scented?

Ewes are kind, loving, and open minded people. However, just like the Northerners, Akans, Gas, etc, the ewes stand for their own. They recognize and share in the pain and grief of one another. 

They are very religious. 

Customs are traditions are still not a thing of the past in the Volta region. It is believed that, every home in the Volta region still has a deity. However, due to migration, (Volta - Accra) most ewes are said to have converted from their original believes. 

Good Marriage Partners. 

It is advisable to have an ewe partner. This is because, most ewe people are very home trained to respect, love and comfort. This training helps them in their marriage life. 

Are ewes stingy? 

The word stingy, means ungenerous or unwillingness to give. This is very much not a point because some ewes are very generous. It would however be unfair to consider a whole tribe stingy just because of one or two individuals.

Are ewes tribalistic?

This is a practice whereby one advocates strong loyalty to his or her tribe or ethnic group. This is obviously a fact. The ewe group of people just like any other ethnic group in Ghana are tribalistic. It is obvious that some Ghanaians out of fear have refused to accept this fact, but hypocritically points fingers at others.

Lastly, they have beautiful women. 

Ewes may be considered to  have the most beautiful women in Ghana. Their beautiful complexion stand out. This fact still stands unopposed. 

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