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How I was spared from self destruction – Ohemaa Mercy describes dismal story

How I was spared from self destruction – Ohemaa Mercy describes dismal story 

Ohemaa Mercy 

Gospel sensation and lyricist, Ohemaa Mercy, referred to in private life as Mercy Twum-Ampofo, has described how she almost ended it all by wounding herself however for the ideal mediation of a Christian sibling. 

As per her, she had a go at slaughtering herself after she was gotten for misleading take cash for the sake of a prophetess she lived with in Koforidua, the capital of Eastern Locale where she went through the greater part of her time on earth growing up. 

"I recall that I was once living in a house where the proprietor was a prophetess and I utilized her name to request for assets from her companion while she was uninformed. So one day, it happened that, the lady I went to take the cash from came for supplications from the prophetess and this is the thing that occurred, " Ohemaa Mercy described in a meeting with Kumasi-based Pure FM. 

"I had just told the lady that my proprietor was shooting me from the house, however then I had a major issue to settle and I didn't have a clue what to advise the lady for her to give the cash to me so I needed to lie at that specific time to the detriment of the prophetess I lived with. When she came to meet her she asked 'Mercy is it this lady whom you said was abusing you? On the off chance that I had realized I would have addressed her to permit you remain', " she added. 

She said it was a Sunday after chapel when she was brought within the sight of older folks and ministers of the congregation and she was reproved in light of the fact that she had deceived request cash without the assent of the prophetess. 

As indicated by her, it was a humiliating scene. 

"At the time I wished the earth could swallow me. I run into my room, took a blade and chose to murder myself however I could hear my kid calling me, I wouldn't fret since Satan is consistently more grounded when he needs you to get things done to hurt yourself, " she admitted. 

"God being so acceptable, there was this sibling who broke into her space to spare me. I recall that he disclosed to me that I shouldn't murder myself, since this isn't an amazing finish and that God has such a huge amount for me. Truth be told I express gratitude toward God for that specific sibling that spared my life," she admitted.

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Christian Eastern Locale Kumasi-based Mercy Twum-Ampofo Ohemaa Mercy


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