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Watch moment side chick escapes from an angry wife through window of a storey building (Video).

A very interesting and dramatic video has hit the internet and this particular video is fast trending on all social media platforms especially on Instagram. This video am talking about captures the moment side chick escapes from an angry wife through window of a storey building and interestingly, she was being assisted by neighbors and passersby around at that moment.

As at now, their identity and location is not yet known to Mdk Banahene but I can say it is not an English speaking country per the language which was being spoked by the angry wife. Nobody knows how the wife got the information of what is happening behind her but it all started when the wife returned home and angrily knocking the locked door whiles her husband with the side chick was at the second floor.

The husband first came out to spy her angry wife down there whiles still on the second floor, the wife eventually got her way into the house as she forcefully opened the door. The husband after noticing she has entered and coming straight to the second floor, calls out the side chick to help her escape from the top before her wife get there.

Fortunately for the side chick, she was able to get down with the help of passersby who was around the scene. The side chick who is very short was able to cover herself with a cardboard box she found around after she landed on the ground and noticed the wife was coming out of the room to check outside.

But on the second taught, she decided to ran away when she heard the angry wife's voice close to her asking people around about her whiles she was still in the cardboard box. Do you think the people who helped her escaped did the right thing? Share your opinion in the comments section.

Watch the full video here

Content created and supplied by: MdkBanahene (via Opera News )

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