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Theft robbery

31 arrested over birthday pool party at Breman, Kumasi

31 arrested over birthday pool party at Breman, Kumasi

31 people have been arrested this morning following a breach of protocols, at Kumasi Breman at Akosua Fosuah's birthday party. Akosua Fosuah who turned 28 yesterday, is the kind who gave freely to the people whenever she had. She is a graduate with a bachelors degree and owns a house and two cars. Akosua Fosuah since her childhood has been good to the people, and it was no news when she incorporated that trait into her adult life said the mother, Maame Adepa. Akosua was a resident of Ash Town where her family lives until she moved to Breman where she has been living for over two years now. Akosua last year was coming from town at night when some people tried robbing her. She was stripped of her rights when the robbers took all the items on her, plus the car she was driving.

Three people who came to rob her on the 18 of January 2020, were all arrested on the following day which was the 19th when the Breman area gangs teamed up to look for them. Akosua's car was found and she was able to retrieve all the items also and has since been grateful to the sea boys and girls ever since the robbery items were recovered. Akosua on her birthday yesterday evening promised to bash a birthday pool for the area boys and girls who showed her love and warm wishes yesterday.  

The people did not wait until the further, before dropping into Akosua's house this morning for the poolside party. Over fifty people were in the house when the police of Breman arrived in the house. Out of the people in the house, only a few were in nose masks, whiles the others went on their usual duties. In the pool which caused fear by the police, 31 were in the pool swimming freely whiles none of them had a nose mask on. The police arrested over 52 people in the house and allowed 21 people to go because they all had their vaccine cards with them to prove they have been vaccinated. 

Out of the 52 people in the house at the time of the police raid, only 21 had proved to show they were not contagious and infectious. 31 were taken to the station, but the police have since their arrest in the morning allowed them to show their vaccinated cards of been vaccinated before they can be allowed to go. Failure to prove they had received their vaccines will result in police arranging them for court for spreading covid. 20 people of the 31 arrested have made provisions for their families to bring their vaccinated cards to the station to release them, while the other remaining 10 has not proven to have received the shots, and if they do not meet the police requirement of seating them free, they will charge said the commander.

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