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Stripped And Whipped; Lawlessness Taking Root In Takoradi As Suspected Thief Gets Abused

The laws of the country forbid people from effecting justice by themselves. No matter the severity of a crime, there is no reason one had to cause justice by themselves, as though they have prosecutor powers.

It is only for the lawlessness that is taking root in communities that suspected thieves and criminals are abused without proven guilty by a competent court. Mob justice and other forms of abuse have become the fate of people who are accused of thievery or robbery in major communities in Ghana.


Sekondi-Takoradi used to be less hostile towards suspected thieves but things are taking on a new turn. It is not certain why the sudden change from the positive behavioural modification strategy where suspected thieves are assigned to communal labor without suffering any physical assault, had now turned into brutalities.

Today, a suspected thief was stripped naked and whipped, leaving terrible scars at his back and all over his body. Adding to his wounds, the suspect believed to be in his early thirties was compelled to weed a bushy area within the Fijai- C4C area. 


In his nakedness, his tormentors continued to record his nakedness and shared across social media platforms. It is indeed humiliating, to say the least, how he was maltreated.


Yes, he might be a suspect to a crime but no one has the right to punish him for it unless the state. The expected response by these residents who caught the suspect in a Tuesday dawn operation was to report the incident to the Ghana Police Service for investigation.


Their failure to do so, and acting in abuse of the rights of the suspect to an attorney or justice attracts sanctions. Should the police take this matter as a human right abuse case, those behind this brutality and humiliation should be arrested and prosecuted.


Several suspects to a crime have suffered irrecoverable injuries, and in worse cases deaths from such actions by the citizenry. Innocent lives have been lost in these acts yet nothing seems to have proven a lesson to the people.

This should be an awakening to the people of this nation, that the law must be respected. We cannot entertain lawlessness if we wish to build a just and safe society.

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