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Read What Happened To A Woman Who Left Her Husband And Children For A Rich man (Details below)

A 53-year-old man and father of three have complained that his wife left him for a man whose wealth is unknown.

According to the man. He came to the man's house with his wife to get a job because the man was helping other unemployed people through his wife's information.

She formally introduced him to the man as her husband and asked him to help her with his work. He then left with the kids and promised to come back in a week.

The suspect aide-de-camp agreed to help him at any cost, but left him to travel to Abuja. The man returned three days later with some big men. When he returned, she told him to be patient because finding profitable work in the countryside required perseverance and patience.

His assistant gave him an allowance with three decent meals a day. He was so mesmerized by people's kindness that he even forgot his purpose for being there. The man whose source of wealth is unknown, exhibits a conspicuous lifestyle.

Because every day he changes screaming cars that cost millions and comes home with a different person. All this while his wife left him with her husband and never bothered to understand the scope of his missionary work.

Surprisingly, a rich man, whose source is unknown, summoned someone who planned to use it as a ritual. He heard the man speak to the man in a weak voice.

So he decided to escape from the compound. He began to study the movements of the man who sincerely believed in him to the core. He asked the man who wanted to wash his clothes for detergent. The man said he had no soap at home and gave him #500 to buy at the facility.

At that point she packed all her clothes aside and put them in the sink only to trick the man into thinking he really wanted to wash. He immediately exited the gate, grabbed a bicycle and ran to the bus/bus stop and took a vehicle near Imo State to check with a spiritualist. The reason is, his wife is suspected of being the mastermind of the ritual plan.

When he got there, the spiritualist told him that he was lucky not to be used for money rituals by his wife. The spiritualist told him to buy a 3 year old bird with some spiritual items to cause misunderstanding between the two. He bought everything he needed and used it as a talisman.

The spiritualist told him a week ago not to come home. After some time, he receives a call from his brother that his wife admits to using her husband's rituals to earn money with an unknown rich man who then wants to use it for her husband's disappearance. The man demands everything he spends on his husband if he can't show it.

As soon as he got a call, he told the spiritualist what had happened at home and he let him go to listen to his wife.

He soon returned home, and his wife began to pray that the devil had persuaded her to make this decision. As an unemployed. It is advisable to leave the woman who wants to kill him or continue the marriage, because women are the only source of life.

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