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Police came for Sarfoa after she was declared winner. Anita explained why they came for her. See

October 5, 2021

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The Police Service's primary functions are those stipulated in Section 1 of the Police Service Act, 1970 (Act 350). It states that it is to prevent and detect crime, to apprehend offenders and to maintain public order and safety. The Police also render other important services to the public, such as Motor Traffic and assisting the female gender to deal with traumatic and psychological problems as a result of sexual abuse (usually against minors).

It was realised that, after Sarfoa was announced the ultimate winner of GMB, police came to stand by her. Many people were kind of confused as to whether Sarfoa had committed any crime or not.

According to records, this is not the first time police had appeared on stage after the ultimate winner of GMB had been announced.

This was not the first time TV3 did that. 2021 GMB was not different from the past year's. TV3 Ghana's Most Beautiful grand finale is always characterized by Police presence to ensure law and order.

However, it was not for a bad reason. After Sarfoa was announced as the winner, Anita Akuffo (host of GMB 2021) said:

" Sarfoa, the Police is here because of you. They will protect you just like any queen demands. Walk majestically as he guards you into your newly acquired waiting car." From her statement, it was clear that the police was there to Safeguard Sarfoa, but not any negative intention.

The 2021 Ghana's Most Beautiful pageant saw the Ashanti Regional rep Sarfoa as a winner. Upon reaching the waiting car, the policemen opened the vehicle for her and started a test drive. Before she could finish talking, three others also joined the guard. In all, it was an emotional and exciting journey.

Congratulations Sarfowa.

Are you happy about Sarfoa's win?

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