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Handwriting Expert Must Analyze Leticia’s Alleged Suicide Letter (READ MORE)

The alleged suicide of the 16-year-old final year student of Miracle Senior High School identified as Leticia Kyere Pinaman has come out with more information. Just when the mother of the deceased came out yesterday to disclose the doctor’s report that literally debunked the fact that Leticia committed suicide, there is a suicidal letter that makes round.

According to the police, there was a letter at the location where the body of Leticia was found. The content of the letter gives more information to confirm that Leticia indeed killed herself. Part of the letter reads:

"I probably won't be alive anymore by the time you finish reading this letter. All I want to say is that May God bless anyone who did something good to me and to all those who had a bad intention about me, give them the heart to repent."

Inasmuch as many may find the handwriting to be similar to Leticia’s own, I strongly suggest they employ a graphologist (Handwriting specialist) to run a competent and accurate analysis to ascertain the writer of the letter.

Graphologists can tell the personality and condition of the writer at the time he/she was writing. From physiological conditions like high blood pressure, aggression and dominance, they can tell the state of her mind when she was writing and can confirm if indeed, she wrote that letter.

This will cast all doubt about the authenticity of the letter away. If the results prove otherwise, the actual perpetrators can then be hunted and called to justice.

Rest in Peace Leticia.



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