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Road Accident

Mortuary man seized corpse during burial over a balance that the bereaved family is owing (Photos)

Thanks for clicking this article,Please follow AkuaNews for your information.Mortuary attendant seized a corpse during the burial of the corpse,insisting that the bereaved family is owing the mortuary attendant with a remaining amount of 4,500 Ghana cedis.Mr.Amponsah who happened to be a nurse died some years ago by a car accident.This man was initially taken to the hospital but did not survive,because of his condition.This man died in 2020.According to the information gathered,when this man died in the hospital,none of his family members was around,so the workers there took his body to the mortuary,it took the family five months before they were able to discover the place where the body of this man has been kept.The family was making a preparation towards the burial of this man,so the body of this man was kept in the mortuary for thirteen months because he died in the covid-19 season.

The family of Mr.Amponsah thought that,the mortuary attendant will reduce the cost of the mortuary fee,not knowing,that they have calculated the mortuary fee from the day they kept the body in the mortuary to the day they came for the body.Unfortunately when the family members came for the body,the senior mortuary attendant was not around.They came and meet the senior mortuary attendant's apprentice,so he removed the body for the family,since he did not know the terms and conditions between his master and the family members.When the senior mortuary attendant came and found out that,the body of Mr.Amponsah is removed,he asked his apprentice and he told him everything,this made the senior mortuary attendant rushed to the funeral,when he went there,the family was at the cemetery ready to bury the dead body,when the mortuary attendant saw that,he quickly approached the "Abuasuapanin" for the money but he did not give him the money,at that moment,this man removed the dead body from the casket and told the family that,he is taking the dead body to the mortuary again,when they provide him the remaining amount of the money,he will give the dead body to them.Please according to what the mortuary attendant did,was he right or wrong?Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.

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