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A Building That Was About To Fall Apart Get Binded Together With Ropes.

They say that opinions are like noses. Different people have different solutions to the problems they confront on a daily basis. Even identical twins can't have the same ideas. Many questions have been raised in response to a photograph that has gone viral on the internet. A multi-story building that appears to be on the verge of collapsing was tied together using ropes to keep it from tumbling to the earth in the image.

Another potentially dangerous aspect of the image is a man standing calmly and majestically on the roof of the building, as if nothing untoward was about to happen.

The lack of iron rods and pillars in the house that appears to have been built with bricks may have contributed to its collapse. This appears to be one of the area's oldest structures, as it resembles what Ghanaians refer to as Atakwame.

In addition, the structure appears to have been abandoned for a long time, since grass has grown on top of the roof.

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Atakwame Ghanaians


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