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Biafra: Igbos respond as Abba Kyari goes to Obi Cubana's mom's internment

Nigerians, particularly Igbos, have taken to web-based media condemning the presence of Abba Kyari at Obi Cubana's mom's entombment. 

Abba Kyari, who is a Deputy Commissioner of Police and head of the Inspector General of Police's Intelligence Response Team, was seen at the internment alongside Cubana in viral pictures. 

This didn't go down well with Igbos who blamed Kyari for being behind the killing of adolescents in the east. 

A few Nigerians additionally censured Obi Cubana for welcoming somebody who purportedly detests his kin to his old neighborhood. 

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Here are a few remarks assembled by DAILY POST; 

@MichaelZuchi " Abba Kyari with Obi Cubana and co. We are watching." 

@Jaresizzle " For the way that Abba Kyari (apparently Nigeria's generally cerebral, most essential cop) visited Obi Cubana at the entombment service, I accept the last's business advantages (whatever they are) are fundamentally genuine." 

@EngrIbinabo " This is Abba kyari, the man that pursued down ESN in the East. He abhors Biafara with enthusiasm, however came for Cubana's mom's burial service. Igbos are not pestered: they are caught up with picking cash being splashed by Cubana and his companions." 

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@IkemIgbo1 " This is the Hypocritical Bigotry Detective Killer Abba Kyari, in Oba Anambra State,If Obi Cubana and old Igbo fellows don't have the foggiest idea what his identity is and what he went there for, then, at that point Sorry for them. EFCC will soon,just very before long beginning welcoming a portion of those young men for addressing." 

@Gabrielpatok "The Cubana or whatever you called him is currently a suspect. He might be arranging evil with the zoo against our kin. Something else, what is Abba Kyari doing there? Is it true that you are certain the cash he was splashing wasn't from Nigerian psychological oppressor government? #IPOB is watching." 

@ProudlyAnioma " We are not Serious in the East. Live with or without it. I saw Supercop Abba Kyari's image of him with Obi Cubana. That is a similar man capturing and killing his kin. May God show leniency toward us all of us." 

@EmekaGabriel " What Do You Observe? He is Abba Kyari the parasitic devil in police uniform killing guiltless Biafran adolescents yet presenting with Obi Cubana. Who did this to our kin? I couldn't say whether others are seeing precisely the thing I'm seeing here? 

@Ienyereibe " Obi Cuban-is among those that are killing Innocent BIAFRANS Youths! Expectation you Biafrans can see him along with the Killer Abba Kyari. Perhaps they gather organ of Biafrans Youths for OBI CUBANA 

@Biafra_mission " Abba Kyari was additionally live at Obi Cubana mother's burial.He has killed a great deal of Biafrans and are as of now in oba to screen all the more how to kill more, I don't fault him I fault the Senseless clamor makes that welcomed him." 

@CollinsIkpeba " The purported Obi Cubana,the fool that brings in cash, and he flaunt at the impairment of his own people.Imagine this Obi Cubana as they consider him the individuals who love cash, this man welcomed Abba Kyari the infamous police officer that has been killing the Biafrans in thousands disgrace." 

@Kingsley "Obi Cubana's mom's entombment and show will carry more demise to biafraland, keep an eye out for the part after the internment they will follow them that is the reason they send Abba kyari to number them. Una disgrace they disgrace me."

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