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Missing 14 Years Old Schoolboy Feared To be Taken By Sakawa Boys

The rate at which people are getting missing nowadays is alarming. Only a few of these people turn up alive. The rest are found dead with some body parts missing or not found at all. This begs the question, who is hunting his fellow human beings? The victims are usually females and children. There are some young persons in the country who wants to live a lavish lifestyle without having to work for it. As such they fall on juju men who often request them to bring human body parts in order for them to be made rich. 

In a recent video that is trending on social media, some young men were seen in a convoy. The cars they were driving are the latest cars but that's not what caught my attention, it is what some of them are saying. Some of them were heard exclaiming in Twi but it translates "if you can't drink blood, you can't follow us". It's quite frightening. 

A fourteen years old student who is identified as Collins could be a victim of this human hunting as he is missing and nobody seems to know his whereabouts. An account given by the family in relation to the sudden disappearance of their child indicates that Collins is a lovely boy that they can't find. Collins is a JHS student who went to school last week Friday. According to the mother, he came back from school and she asked him what he'll like to eat and the boy replied banku. As the mother prepares the banku, he was grinding the paper and after grinding the pepper, he informed his mother to go and bring his siblings from school so that they'll eat together. And that was the last time Collins was seen by his mother. It's been 6 days now and he still remains missing. 

Due to the video released by the sakawa boys in convoy, some people are of the belief that he was taken by these sakawa boys. 

Click on this link, to watch as family of Collins recounts events leading to their son's disappearance.

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