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Will This Recent Increase In Transport Fare Help The Country

Welcome back to this channel once again, please if you are reading this article please don't forget to share, like, comment and follow this channel for more exclusive contents. In to article I will like to talk about the recent increase in transport fare .

A fare is the fee paid by a passenger for use of a public transport system: trail, bus, taxi, etc. ... Fare structure is the system set up to determine how much is to be paid by various passengers using a transit vehicle at any given time. A linked trip is a trip from the origin to the destination on the transit system.

Transportation fees , suddenly rise up to the point that people find it very difficult to travel. Why is this happening, this is happening because petrol has now been increased in the country base on this drivers decided to also increased the money that they have been taking from their passengers. In order to bring this under control the government must reduce the price of petrol because when the price of petrol is low the price of the transportation fee will also be low.

Will this sudden increase in transport fare help the country? Please comment down below and don't forget to share, like, and follow this channel for more exclusive contents.

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