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It Was Her Maid's Birthday And What She Did Got People talking, See How She Celebrated Her Maid

A lady won the hearts of social media users after she shared photos of how nicely she treated her house maid on her birthday, not minding that she's her boss.

This woman showed humanity to her house manager, who showered her with gifts, food, and special treatment to celebrate her birthday. We all know how maids are treated by their employers. Some of their employers always see their maids as less than human beings.

When dealing with house help, I want us all to remember this: "every man’s portion may be different, but the same way a slave was born, so also was a child." Even if the house help is not your child, her mother carried her for 9 months and went through the pain of labour to give birth to her, so what makes her less important? Because she’s a maid?


I want every woman to know this: if you show kindness to your maid, you’re not only sowing a seed for your own children in the future, but you are also teaching your kids to be kind, no matter how lowly someone is.

A woman gave birth to your maid, so see your maid as your sister’s child and do her no harm not only for your children but even for yourself.

Let this woman's gesture inspire other women who still maltreat their maids and consider them substandard human beings. A woman who knows the value of human beings throws a party to appreciate her good deeds. Maids are human beings like you treat them with love.

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