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Do this immediately when your child takes poison to save him or her


Poison is any substance that is harmful to the body after using it. Children are vulnerable because that turn to eat anything they found around them. Food can be harmful when excessively eaten or drugs can also be harmful when not taken as prescribed, example too much taken paracetamol more than prescribed can cause live problems because the liver is responsible for removing toxic substances from the blood. So do this immediately when your child or neighbor take poisonous substances.

1)     Take the victim immediately away from the poisonous substance or take poisoning substance from the victim

2)     Remove any tight clothes

3)     Tilt the head back to open the air way

4)     Calm down the victim if conscious

5)     Wash the skin with running water while removing the clothes then wash the skin with water and dilute with soap if the skin is affected

6)     Open eyelids and wash with running water for 10 minutes in case the person's eye is affected

7)     No eye drops in case the person's eye is affected

8)     Make sure there is no other risk for you or the victim

9)     Identify the poisonous drug or food and cover it.

10) Call emergency unit team

11) Take the victim to the nearest hospital or clinic.

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