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Must Watch: Update On The Children Who Asked God To Let Their Mother Die Because Of Her Sickness.

No children will wish for the death of their mother but in some situations when nothing could be done on the side of the poor children concerning their mother's sickness, the only way for them to end their mother's pain was to call unto God to kill their mother. This is the update of the children who begged God to end their mother's pain by killing her.

It was so heartbreaking to see young children asking God to let their mother die rather than experience an imaginable pain she was enduring. All the children had the same story starting from the youngest to the eldest. Their life was full of tears, losing hope and lamentation. They were so hurt to see their mother crying uncontrollably and going through the pain they could not do anything about. 

The mother was rotting before her children who could not afford medicine for their dying mother. These children were dropped out of school since their mother who would work and pay their fees was seriously sick.

With the help of some people and a donation team, their mother was had been taken to the hospital and from how she is doing, she is responding to treatment and her children faces are filled with smiles. These children can now dream of going back to school and have a better future. They are looking forward to a better life and cannot wait to make their mother proud.

According to the children, their mother is at the hospital and their sister is the one taking care of her. She is showing signs of improvement and her pains have reduced. Now, we have hope that our mother will not die. 

People have been so supportive and it was the children's first time holding a huge amount of money. They thought it wise to deposit those sums of money in the bank and they will think of what needs to be done next. They have in mind to reconstruct their house and renew it, and later as a family, they will think of what will be done next with that money that will make it so productive.

This is the update of the children who pray to God to kill their mother to end the pain that she was going through.

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Watch the video below;

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