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Osebo The Zaraman Advice Ashaiman Ghetto Youth To Be Responsible Men In A New Video. (Watch)

There is a widespread misconception that marijuana or weed smokers are evil people in society. Because of the manner they chose to live, these folks have attracted the wrath of the community over the years. Even persons with dreadlocks have a hard time finding quality work since society considers they are misbehaving and unsuitable. These physical appearances are often overlooked in Western countries since a person's appearance may differ from his or her genuine character, but this is not the case in Africa.

The majority of these persons are turned down. They're notorious for their erratic and disorderly behavior. Politicians and the wealthy frequently employ them to further their own selfish goals. In a recent video, Osebo the Zaraman, who is known for wearing differently in Ghana and abroad, is seen seated with some young people at Ashaiman. Celebrity fusionists may be adept at not only dressing but also coaching others. Below are some of the words he warned the Ashaiman youth to be wary of.

“Many people feel that people from the ghetto are bad people, but this is not always the case. The fact that someone smokes marijuana does not imply that their brain is malfunctioning. Weed, like any other herb, is merely herbal medicine. After I leave, my meeting with you guys today must produce a positive outcome. I want the Ashaiman Washington ghetto to stand out among all the other ghettos in the country.” Do not be swayed by politicians who use money to persuade you to do evil things. If they believe that is the right thing to do, they should utilize their offspring to carry out their bad deeds.”

Watch video here

The advice has been given but it up to the youths to decide if they are going to apply it in their daily lives. A word to the wise is enough.

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