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"Breaking News": As Thief Mercilessly Beating And Being Forced To Go Down On A Dead Goat.

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According to the report coming, it was not a good day for this young man in Eastern Region in Ghana. As you can see in the image above. The young man was faced by some gang in a town in the Eastern Region to kiss A goat.

Why did they do that?

From the report, the young man in the image above stole a goat this morning, he planned to escape from the vicinity where he stole the goat without catching any attention from the people around. So what he did is to break the goat neck so that the goat will not make noise. But unfortunately for him, he was caught and that was how they started beating him mercilessly. The young man was forced to go down to the dead goat. Not only that, he was maltreated very badly and was also forced to kiss the goat as he goes down to the goat as well.

This young man has received the beatings of his life. for me, he was supposed to be punished but not this cruel way. This act is 100 per cent inhuman, to be honest, these people in the Eastern part of Ghanan who did this did not do well at all. Why do well have the police and security services? Such cases are to be directed there but not in the process you will turn yourself to be a vigilante and do things that you are not supposed to do.

What is so painful here is that the majority of the people beating him are 70 per cent thieves just that their day has not come yet. To maltreat someone like this is entirely practices.

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