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31-year-old man arrested in Ada for killing wife

 The Ada Police Order in the More noteworthy Accra Locale has captured David Ayornu, 31, prevalently known as Rapper Honey bee for cutting the midsection of his significant other and killing her immediately.

As per occupants of Lufenya, close to Kasseh in the Ada East Region, Ayornu cut his significant other with a blade in the stomach and hauled it on numerous occasions bringing about the eruption of her digestive tract.

In a meeting with the Ghana News Organization, Boss Director Atsu Dzineku, Ada Divisional Administrator affirmed the occurrence and ensuing capture of the suspect.

He said the Locale Police Order on Friday June 03, got data from Nene Glover Ayornu, the Head of Lufenya, and Mr. Akrofi Mensah the Get together Part for Amlakpo Constituent Region with two others with an objection that they heard a boisterous commotion in a close by room something like 0130 hours.

"Thus, the Boss immediately hurried there in light of the fact that the clamor was clearly and strange where he figured out that one David Ayornu's significant other, recognized as Theresa Kwao was lying dead with the digestive tract spouted out," he said.

As per the Boss, the said David Ayornu was in a similar room with the lady when they recognized that the lady was cut to death, so they came for Police help to realize who caused that.

Boss Supt. Dzineku noticed that Police quickly raced to the scene and distinguished a man accepted to be 31-year-old as a suspect.

"Police were shown the room, where a female grown-up was seen wearing just a dab and a gasp lying in a pool of blood with the face down with the digestive system out.

He made sense of that underlying review of the body uncovered that live bones of the chest and the stomach and a sharp blade with blood stains on it were tracked down lying in the room around 2 - feet from the body.

He said photos were taken and the body was kept at Wellbeing Star Memorial service Administrations close to Kasseh for examination and conservation at Addokope.

The Ada Divisional Officer made sense of that the suspect Ayornu had been captured and taken to the Ada Area Emergency clinic, where he was analyzed and released yet at the same time in police guardianship for additional examinations.

He said the blade was recovered and confined with the suspect for the examination, adding that the Police had started examinations concerning the occurrence.

Boss Supt. Dzineku expressed that it was excessively prompt to disentangle what prompted the demise of Theresa Kwao.

Content created and supplied by: Pius Bofah (via Opera News )

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