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Reason why kumasi and kejetia has become overcrowded.

Kumasi Is one of the major towns in Ghana and it is the capital town in Ashanti region.kumasi is also one of the busiest place in Ghana and due to this many people migrate from the rural areas and settle at kumasi.

Many people move from the rural areas to kumasi to trade,others come in to sell, others too come to kumasi to buy.this movement of large people from the rural areas has bring overcrowding in kumasi and kejetia particular.many people move from the rural areas to find jobs and because they don't have place to stay, they rather sleep in front of peoples store and this has make kejetia become choked.

Because the rural areas are lacking social amenities like,school facilities,good drinking water,good road,good networking system and electricity many people move from there to kumasi to have comfortability of live and enjoy these social amenities,because of these lack of social amenities, it has make staying in the rural areas difficult .

The government has to provide these social amenities in the rural areas so that it will reduce the movement from the rural areas to settle in kumasi and this will reduce the overcrowded.if the rural areas has good market,they will engage trading there without coming to kumasi and this will even create employment in the rural areas for the youth.

Poor car parking is also one of the factors that has bring choked in kejetia and kumasi. Because kejetia contain large number of people, if a driver park his or her car in a place where car is suppose not to be parked it brings choke and as a result of this many people take that opportunity to do pick pocketing.there must be car parking place in kejetia to reduce the overcrowding.

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