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He forced himself to enter it by force. I couldn't bear it so I opened it wide for him to enter.

I had a husband who took pleasure in stretching his hands on me whenever he felt like it. Domestic abuse almost brought our marriage to an end. I couldn't divorce him because of my children, so I had to swallow all the pain and misery he caused me. I was taught how to find answers to our problems. This stopped me from disclosing the details of my ordeal to a third party. My children were my only source of joy and strength, and they kept me going throughout my marriage.

My husband owned a bar that was just a five-minute walk from our home. He used to spend the night there on occasion. Customers could get up as early as 4 a.m. to get some hot gin before the sun rose. I wasn't a fan of my husband's company because he was hurting a lot of people indirectly. Despite this, I couldn't complain about my dissatisfaction.

Things were gradually getting out of control in our home because of my husband. He sometimes refused to provide housekeeping money for a whole month despite the lot of money he made at his drinking bar.

 One fateful Friday night around 2 o'clock, something happened to my husband. He was nearly attacked by thieves who monitored his activities during the whole week. They came after my husband with chains and machetes in an attempt to take all the money he had made during the week.

 I was in deep sleep when I heard my husband trying to open the door by force. It was as if I was dreaming because I could hear the door bang from a distance. Luckily for him, I opened my eyes and heard him well. I hurriedly opened the door widely for him to enter when the thieves had almost catch up on him.

 Since that incident he has completely changed from his old ways, and he now closes exactly 7 o'clock for fear of going through the same thing again.

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