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[+VIDEO]: See What These Teens Were Spotted Doing At An Event Which Left Many People Reacting.

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The actions of the youth is getting worse as they adopt new behaviours for which it looks very confusing to even think of where they get to learn such things from. Some of the things the youth do during having good times and stuffs tends to cause them a lot. Most of these acts results in injury and even loss of lives. A video going viral online in which two teens were seen doing the unthinkable in public at an unknown event has caught the attention and reaction of many for which I bring to you in this article.

This video displays a scene at an event where two teens of opposite were seen enjoying themselves. The lady was seen twerking it all in a grand style for the guy to the tune of the background music with the guy seen carrying a building block on his head. Many users did not actually react to the fact that what they were doing in public was negative but the block which the guy was carrying may fall on the girl and can cause injuries and others. This got many people angry all over. Watch video via the link below:

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