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Video: I have breastfed from 16000 women- man claims.

As the day progresses, more and more interesting assertions are made. Some of these claims may appear to be outlandish because they are sometimes difficult to comprehend. Nonetheless, the world in which we now live is brimming with opportunities. That is, in fact, the reason why the world has progressed to where it is now.

There would be a lot of fantastic innovations that we would never have seen if some people had not found potential in the impossible. For example, in approximately 200 years, an invention like the mobile phone would have seemed far-fetched, yet it is now a reality. This demonstrated that, while some people may make absurd claims, it just might be possible.

A man claimed to have sucked the 'Twin towers' of 16000 women in a video posted on Facebook today. According to the footage, the man was being interviewed on Angel FM, one of the country's most popular radio stations. Looking at the man, he appeared to be extremely serious and not joking. He stated that if he meets a woman who will not even sleep with him, he will ensure that he sucks your 'twin towers.' One would ask how such assertions could be made by a young man of his age. Because, even if we do our arithmetic correctly, if he does this to one lady every single day of his life, it will take him a very long time to reach that.

Breastfeeding has been shown to lessen the risk of getting breast cancer in women. As a result, women are increasingly urged to breastfeed their children. Breast cancer awareness day occurred a few days ago, and one of the methods that can help prevent breast cancer is nursing. It's unclear what this young man hoped to accomplish by sucking on the twin towers of so many women. Was it for his own amusement or to prevent some of these women from having breast cancer? This question can only be answered by him. We're hoping to get a video of why he chose to do this so we can share it with you.

Below is the link to the video

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